Costa Mesa Ethnic Rhinoplasty by Dr. Tavoussi Cosmetic SurgeonSurgeon Dr. Tavoussi is a renowned nosejob specialist at the OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique in Newport Beach, Orange County. With over 20 years in the profession, he has become known for helping patients achieve a level of physical appeal beyond their natural genetics. His artistic talent and technical knowledge have helped many individuals achieve a lasting improvement to the function and appearance of their nose and other areas.

Other procedures offered at our facility include liposuction, lip augmentation, fat grafting, buttock augmentation, and many other beneficial options. There are procedures that provide long-term benefits to those suffering from severe aging, as well as non-invasive treatments to achieve a more conservative result. With a thorough evaluation during the one-on-one consultation, it will be easy to find the solution or combination of treatments that will provide the greatest improvement.

Facilities You Can Rely On

Rosie Ayala is the cosmetic consultant at the treatment facility that has spent more than 15 years gaining expertise in the surgical industry. Patients seek her help with skin care products, facial filler treatments, liposculpture, and nose jobs among other options. She is very knowledgeable about every treatment and understands the ways to identify the most beneficial solutions for every single person.

Dr. Tavoussi is a name that has earned worldwide popularity for providing satisfying treatment results, as well as spreading his years of knowledge to fellow colleagues. Those that take the first step to consult with the doctor have the unique opportunity to improve certain features that have always caused a feeling of insecurity. With many different specialties, it is possible to improve your face and body in a way that you only dreamed possible.

A visit to the Orange County facility is a guarantee that you will be treated to the newest technology and innovative treatments. Physical beauty is respected and desired by almost every single person in the world, and we are here to help you become the best version of yourself.